debate (plural: debates)

  1. an argument, or discussion, usually in an ordered or formal setting, often with more than two people, generally ending with a vote or other decision.
    After a four-hour debate, the committee voted to table the motion.
  2. an informal and spirited but generally civil discussion of opposing views.
    The debate over the age of the universe is thousands of years old.
    There was a bit of a debate over who should pay for the damaged fence.
  3. (uncountable) Discussion of opposing views.
    There has been considerable debate concerning exactly how to format these articles.
  4. (frequently in French form débat) a type of literary composition, taking the form of a discussion or disputation, commonly found in the vernacular medieval poetry of many European countries, as well as in medieval Latin.

6 letters in word "debate": A B D E E T.

No anagrams for debate found in this word list.

Words found within debate:

ab abed abet ad ae at ate ba bad bade bat bate bated be bead beat bed bede bee beet bet beta bete beted da dab dae date de deb debt dee deet ea eat ed ee et eta ta tab tad tae taed te tea tead teade teaed ted tee teed